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In 1989,The young Zhou brothers left their hometown to make a living in a casting plant in Shanghai,they keep on studying while still persist hard-working. In 1992, Shanghai Pudong new area is open to outside world, Chinese and foreign enterprise proceed unite production and sales. The Zhou brothers rely on extraordinary talent and persistent efforts, which was selected to Japanese enterprises for training. At that time, Japanese enterprise go ahead in the covering industry. which seen as a technology monopolist in the entire industry, and this training also allow the brothers open the door of covered pipe industry officially.

In order to achieve independent localization production of domestic insulation pipe, and break the technical barrier that high quality foamed raw material are difficult to localization. The Zhou brothers led a team and combine shanghai experts to overcome difficulties. A whole year, they worked day and night, forget food and sleep, and devoted themselves to the experimental production. Finally the technical problem was solved.

Until 1996,Doemstic coating technology has become mature basically, but there are still a gap between Japan and China. Realizing this,Mr.Zhou Wuyang decided to travel across the ocean, Go to Japan to learn more comprehensive and professional core technology, In order to change the current situation of backward technology in China.

After finished training, The Zhou brothers start to show their strength in the industry of insulation pipe. They are actively devoted themselves to the technology upgrading and product research and development. They continuously established a number of manufacture of insulated pipe for refrigerant, and established Wuhu Tatsukin is the industry leader. Almost nearly 20 years of searching , With themselves actions, The Zhou brothers have brought subversive changes to the domestic insulated Pipe industry. Let the international have a new understanding of Chinese manufacturing. In the future, The two brothers will continue to make persistent efforts ,and write their industry myth.


Enterprise Roadmap:Legend,always start from ordinary.

In 2011, Shanghai Tatsukin established in Pudong District, floor space cover 12,000 square meter.

In 2012,awarded China Quality Certification center certificate, products passed the United States、Japan、France、Germany、Australia and other countries test.

In 2013,distribution outlets expand to the United States、Japan、France、Germany、Australia and Taiwan region.

From 2014 to 2015: distribution outlets expand to Southeast Asia and South America.

In 2016: The number of patents reach 28.

In 2017:Turnover exceeded 550M RMB.

In 2018: Invested Wuhu Tatsukin new plant.

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